At Westfield’s First Baptist Church our mission is threefold. We want to Worship God with our hearts, Witness to the world about the saving love of God, and Walk Together in the Christian life.


Worship is not just something we do on Sunday mornings. Worship is something we do in every aspect of life. Everything we do should be a reflection of God’s glory and greatness. When we work hard and love others we are worshiping God. Sunday morning is a special time set aside to proclaim God’s greatness to each other. We do this by singing praises to God and listening to his words from the Bible. As we are instructed by his words we learn how to live lives that honor him.


Jesus never intended for us to hold this good news of salvation to ourselves. In fact he commanded us to tell others about it. We believe that every Christian is a missionary and that God places each of us in unique situations where we can proclaim his goodness. Whether it is in the workplace or in the neighborhood, we have opportunities to share our faith with those around us. If this is the best news anyone could ever receive, why wouldn’t we share it with others?

Walk Together

We were never meant to live in isolation. God created people to live in harmony with one other and depend on each other. This is especially true in the Christian life. As a church we need to help each other walk through life in a manner that is worthy of the faith we have been given. Therefore we must bear one another’s burdens and care for each other. We need to love one another and pray for each other. The Bible never speaks of a Christian walking alone. At First Baptist Church of Westfield, we do not want anyone to be on their own.